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Welcome to my website

This home page doesn't really have anything.

Click the button on the top right to see more. (Only for phone user)

Click the button on the right corner to chat with me, and I won't know who you are. Also I finished setting up a Q&A.

Click this bottom to see more, it's a very long general description of Gavin.

Gavin's Traveling

Here to see Gavin's news.

Note: Empty right now, setting it up.

Gavin's Social Science

Here to see Gavin's Economics, History, Politics, War, Values, and Philosophy.

Note: Empty right now, setting it up.

Leaf Pattern Design

Gavin's News

Here to see Gavin's news.

Note: Empty right now, setting it up.

Modern Architecture

Gavin's good pictures

Here to see Gavin's good pictures.

Note: Empty right now, setting it up.


I didn't take this picture, trying to find something fun.

White File Folders

Experience & Education

Roles & Academic Institutions

Why should I tell everyone where I go to school that is stupid

July 2035 - May 2035

Everything I can tell you is it's on the Earth


January 2035 - June 2035

BTW the picture I took at Northwestern Univerisity it's pretty funny

And still unempolyed, sad face

September 2035 - June 2035

This is a description of your education or professional experience. Add a summary of what you studied or where you worked, and be sure to include relevant accomplishments or milestones. Don’t forget to adjust the dates listed.


Top Talent Award

April 2035

This is a brief description of your personal/professional award or recognition. Take the opportunity to explain why you were selected, and any other helpful details to showcase your talents.

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