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You'll know so much more about Gavin after you read this.
If you want to prohibit it, don't read and it's also stupidly long.

Hi, people looking at this. I'm Gavin, don't know how to start to introduce myself.

I living the US, New England area, it's very much probably the most beautiful area in the US (for me), we have mountains (I hate them), forest (even more), snow (really cold, really), friendly people (this is true, except Boston area and Connecticut, no offense I don't mean everyone just in general to my feelings), and snow (really cold, again), and lobsters (?), and most importantly, my great friends. I lived here for four years already, I see it as my second hometown.

I'm originally from China, the city of Beijing, the capital of the People's Republic of China, my favorite country in the world (with a huge amount of problems I don't like but still). It's really... ehhhh, beautiful. We have almost every type of environment basically, mountains, forests, deserts... everything; also great cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, etc... They are all great cities with nice people and different cultures. But with a huge amount of points that I hate, I'll talk about this more on this website.

What do I like?

In school, basically, I hate school so I don't like really anything in Highschool academically, I'm pretty good at math (I think, maybe not), but that's maybe the only thing I'm strong at academically in school. Well, but the hand I just took AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics, AP Statistics, and AP Calculus so actually maybe I'm pretty good. I think I'll do (Math) Economics in college because that's what I like (FYI I hate Finance), I'll talk more about why and how I like Economics on this website (Just remember one more thing, I wrote a 16 pages essay for my history class last year).

Ok enough for school, do I like any movies/TV shows? I don't really watch movies or TV shows, but I really like Titanic, Forrest Gump, and Schindler's List, for TV shows, Friends and The Big Bang Theory. 

For music, I like all types of music, but I hate Rap, I like to listen to Classical (Piano) Music when I'm working (like right now) it makes me feel quiet and peaceful. I like Politics, History, and the Military too, the same reason why I like Economics too, will talk more later.

I really like taking pictures (and videos), I have 2T of iCloud and 200G for Google Drive. My friends used to don't know why I take pictures for everything, and this is why: Make a memory. When you look back at a picture after ten years, it's like Time Travel (BTW this is the only superpower I want, I don't want to fly or be super smart).

Sport? I don't like it that much, I like to ski and watch football (Americans call it: Soccer), I'm in the Ski Patrol team, I can ski pretty ok, maybe not too well but I'm able to help people, so maybe not too bad. Paris Saint-Germain is my favorite football (why do you call it soccer?) club, I‘m a club fan so I like PSG for itself but not some famous players (of course I like them too), also I like Atlético de Madrid, a great club!

If you ask me the only thing I like to do? That will be Travel. Now I remember I'm doing this website to show that. Traveling is a very important part of my life, I have an application on my phone to show me when is my next flight, in fact, this is the power that motivates me to move forward in my life, I'm always looking forward to going to the airport and get on a plane to go to the place I'm not used to.

I came to the United States when I was quite young, and you know what happened in the past three years, COVID. I couldn't (also I didn't want to, still I don't want to, will talk more later), go home. So instead, I travel whenever I have a break by myself (most of the time, sometimes with friends). In the past three years, I've been to all 6 States in New England, and I've been to in total of 16 States and the District of Columbia. I made some good friends; also I met some great people in my life. I have flowed 164086 kilometers (101958 miles) in my life up to now (this number will keep growing fast, because COVID is over I'll travel more internationally.

I've visited China, the United States, France, the United Kindom, Russia, Cambodia, South Korea, Indonesia, Ireland, Tunisia, Canada, Ecuador, and Qatar. I have Czechia, Mexico, Cuba, France (again, I like it too much), Japan, North Korea (I want to see the people's life there, I don't want to see everything on the news), and Ukraine (I want to see how the actual war is. I want to see what're the soldiers like, what're the commanders like, I want to see what's normal people in that war like. Because everything is on the internet, I don't think I'm able to know that feeling just from texts and pictures I want to see by myself).

I'll create a page on this website to talk about how all these countries I've been to and planning to go to feel like to me, also for US States, China and Canada Provinces.

I like (like like?) anyone? I'll tell you this: I only fell in love with two girls in my life (up to now, May 2023) in total. I believe there's a high chance that this number will be maintained for the foreseeable future.

I'll create a page of all my favorite things.

Ok I'll stop here it is too long already, there's no way someone can read it up to here. If you do, tell me I'll buy you a doughnut.

Thanks for reading it (if you really read it, if you just scrolled down here no doughnut for you and go back to read it).

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